Fitness Education

It is our mission to provide fitness and health professionals in Europe with world-class training, information and tools to grow!

Fitness Education Group

The Fitness Education Group was created in 2020 by the merger of five companies. These are EFAA Opleidingen, Sport&People, BlackBoxPublishers, BlackBoxAcademy and LAPT Business Coaching. The central idea is that a combined programme for both beginning and advanced fitness professionals, such as personal trainers, offers great benefits for our students. More offer, more choice!


BlackBoxAcademy provides management training for fitness professionals who want to develop themselves further. Our courses focus on key management expertise areas such as: service, customer journey, club management and, for example, boutique fitness studio management.


EFAA works with NL Actief validated competence profiles and knowledge dossiers, from the national and international movement and nutrition guidelines, with validated behavioral change models and towards continuous optimization of the delivery of our services as professionals.


BlackBoxPublishers was founded from the observation that the global fitness industry is a black box when it comes to information for professionals. Through BBP facilitates a marketplace where professionals can find and share information.


Sport&People Nordic offers a wide range of fitness training courses that are nationally and internationally approved. The courses can be followed at various selected course locations throughout Denmark. Almost all courses can also be taken as distance learning and you will receive all the guidance you need.


Sport&People is a fully Dutch (NL-Actief) and European (EREPS) accredited training institute. Participants are trained to become industry-recognized trainers/instructors who are highly motivated and skilled to help clients professionally in achieving their personal goals.


LAPT helps Personal Trainers and Personal Training studios set up their own business and improve their operating results, giving the company more value and ultimately making it marketable. LAPT offers support from the financial point of view, coaching and hands-on tools.


Exercise is medicine! Exercise, training and fitness are a medicine and indispensable for health. This has been proven by thousands of scientific studies. The fitness professional (such as a personal trainer) plays a crucial role in delivering quality programmes to increase fitness and health. The Fitness Education Group (FEG) wants to play an important role in this. We inspire, train and coach fitness professionals and as a group we offer a life-long-learning program!


Provide fitness and health professionals in Europe with world-class training, information and tools to grow!

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The team of Fitness Education Group consists of more than 20 people. The company was founded by Peter Wolfhagen, Kelby Jongen, Peter van der Steege, Matthe de Jong, Jos Eemstra, John van Heel, Ramon Klaassen and Jan Middelkamp.

  • Ramon Klaassen
    Ramon Klaassen

    Ramon Klaassen is a former member of the Dutch Naval Corps, a proud father of a son named Jens and a shareholder of the HDD GROUP for decades. He has an enormous passion for creating memorable experiences in the fitness industry. Ramon is co-founder of Les Mills in the Netherlands and Belgium and of LAPT International. Currently, Ramon is the COO (Chief Operations Officer) of the HDD GROUP.

  • Jan Middelkamp
    Jan Middelkamp

    Jan Middelkamp is father of Collin, Jason and Olivia and in love with Kelby Jongen. He is an entrepreneur in health and fitness, was COO of several international fitness chains and has a PhD in behavioural sciences. Jan is currently the Development Director of the HDD GROUP and CEO of the Fitness Education Group (FEG). More information:

  • Matthe de Jong
    Matthe de Jong

    Matthe de Jong is father of two daughters and entrepreneur at heart with a great passion for sport and health.

    Founder and Co-Owner of the national fitness and personal trainer training institute Sport & People.

  • Jos Eemstra
    Jos Eemstra

    Jos Eemstra is Development Director at BlackBoxPublishers and BlackBoxAcademy. He has been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years in various management positions at various companies. Jos has trained and coached many leading companies and is a specialist in group fitness management, sales, personal training management and strategic management.

  • Peter Wolfhagen
    Peter Wolfhagen

    Peter was trained as a lecturer in physical education and obtained his MSc in movement sciences at Maastricht University in 1989.

  • John van Heel
    John van Heel

    John van Heel was born in 1962, is married to Regina and father of Tim, Rick and Sem. John has been an entrepreneur in sports, fitness and lifestyle since 1983 and trainer in the field of fitness, personal training, lifestyle coaching and management since 1988.

  • Kelby Jongen
    Kelby Jongen

    Kelby Jongen is mother, wife of Jan Middelkamp and entrepreneur in the fitness industry. She has been working as a Personal Trainer and National and International Presenter/Consultant for over 14 years.

  • Peter van der Steege
    Peter van der Steege

    Peter van der Steege is a photographer, graphic designer and branding expert with over thirty years of experience in the fitness, sports and health sector. He has a European client portfolio and his work is regularly featured in fitness related publications.

  • Alois Maton
    Alois Maton

    Alois owns his Personal Training company and Business Coach. He has been working in the health and fitness sector since 2000. He held various management positions as club manager, sales manager and operations manager.